Save the environment

The ecoXchange system quantifies the CO2 reduction when using a recycled part compared to a new part. Using recycled parts leads to waste reduction and energy savings, and quantifying the CO2 enables the system to provise users with the extent of their contribution to the environment.

A recycled part is a reusable part removed from an end of life vehicle. There are “reuse parts”, wich are inspected, cleaned, and their visual apparence improved, as well as “rebuilt parts”, wich are worn or deteriorated parts that are removed.repaired, and brought up to the same performance as new parts.

Benefits of using recycled parts

  1. Economical
    Using recycled parts enables cost savings of about 30 – 50% comared to repars with new parts, depending on the parts and the repairs
  2. Kind to the environment
    Unlike new parts, recycled parts use virtually no extra energy, so they contribute greatly to environmental protection and CO2 reduction.
  3. High quality + Guarantee = Reliability
    Every part undergoes inspection, cleaning, and visual apperance improvement, and their quality is confirmed, (Guarantee periods differ by product.)